Demand for Top Charter Schools Outweighs Supply

Abigail Valencia is driven, focused and absolutely committed.

"One of my big goals that I have for myself is to go to college. That is what motivates me every day," Valencia said.

== Desperate Demand for YES ==

At Houston's YES Prep, Valencia has plenty of company. The institution is an open enrollment, 10 campus charter district whose grade 6 to 12 students have consistently earned the deeply coveted state rating "exemplary".

"We have our teachers go to every single student's home and sign a 'commitment to college' contract and it just starts there," said Jason Bernal, YES Prep's president.

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It's a commitment and level of performance that's created a clamor. No fewer than 9,000 mostly low income Houston families sit impatiently on the YES prep waiting list.

== Pushed to Excel ==

The principle attraction is an unwavering, iron clad expectation.

"In order to graduate from YES, you have to be accepted to a 4-year college or university," Bernal said.

To reach that prize, regular students are pushed by highly enthusiastic teachers.

Longer days and more homework are carefully combined with after-hours access to instructors.

"It is the teachers who are motivating the students to do their best and excel," Bernal said.

== Bringing Innovation to the Table ==

"There's no fights like other schools. No drugs. We are like a family," added Valencia, a 10th grader at the Gulfton campus.

It is a family that would clearly be much larger if YES prep had more than it's current 5,400 slots.

"I feel that students are suffering and that families are suffering too. I feel that we are slowing down innovation. I think that's what charter schools bring to the education community," Bernal said.

Abigail Valencia says along with her classmates, she's on a mission to change the perceptions that low income, minority kids have difficulty succeeding.

"We are going to prove those statistics wrong," she insisted.

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