Woman claims she traded McDonald's Szechuan sauce for car

Fast food fans are going to extreme lengths to acquire a rare McDonald’s dipping sauce, even if it means handing over their much more valuable possessions.

In an ad posted to the Facebook group Pin Nation, Rachel Marie of Michigan offered to trade a packet of the famed Szechuan dipping sauce for a collection of pins. But one user, desperate to get his hands on the condiment, offered Marie something she never expected.


Duane Kimmell responded to the post, proposing to trade Marie his red 2004 Volkswagon GTI. "I didn't even think I was going to get pin offers. Then he offered the car," Marie said in an interview with The Drive.

Kimmel said he has another car he can fix up to drive on a daily basis, but told Business Insider he “just needed me some friggin sauce!!”

While the trade might seem unfair, people are desperate to get their hands on the cult-favorite sauce. In a YouTube video posted on Reddit, a McDonald’s customer is seen selling McNuggets dipped in the sauce for $10 apiece.

McDonald’s first released the Szechuan sauce around 20 years ago as a promotion for the Disney movie “Mulan.” However, interest in the sauce piqued in April 2017 after the TV series “Rick and Morty” featured the sauce as a major plot point in one of its episodes. Fans of the show also took to Change.com and created a petition, asking McDonald’s to “bring back” the sauce.


On October 7, the fast-food chain agreed to re-release the Szechuan sauce packets at select locations. But the quantity was so limited that some customers became rowdy, prompting the police to show up to disperse the crowds.

Meanwhile, those lucky enough to secure some sauce are apparently trading it for cars and selling it online. Ads can be found for the sauce on eBay, with people asking for as much as $1,200 per packet.

A bottle of the sauce, which became available earlier this year during a special promotion, is also said to have fetched a bid of $14,700 on eBay.