There are so many cool wine gadgets on the market and I usually get sucked into buying most of them, but then they never work!

So after wasting enough money, I called in my very own Jedi Master to help me pick the best wine accessories on the market

Okay, so not real Jedi Master, but she's real Wine Master.  Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan is the fourth woman and one of only 30 people in the U.S. to ever attain the international title of Master of Wine -- the highest wine title in the world. In 2008, she was honored with an international tasting trophy for her palate.

That makes her my Jedi Master.

So, if I’m going to believe anyone’s product reviews, it’s hers.  And she came up with two great ones – and to be crystal clear -- she has no financial interest in either of them.

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The first was the newly launched Coravin.  It looks like a fancy Rabbit corkscrew but it actually puts a pin hole in the cork and lets you access the wine without corking it. Created by doctors, it basically lets the wine flow out but doesn’t allow the oxygen in, says Simonetti-Bryan.

It just might be the coolest wine product I’ve ever seen because you can taste aging wine or just take a glass from your favorite bottle without corking it.You have to watch the video.

The next gadget was the BevWizard, a wine pourer.  Now I have a ton of these at home and have never noticed a difference.  But this one worked so great; it basically took the harsh tannins out of the wine.  Perfect for those older, bigger Italian bottles that I love.

Many thanks to my Jedi Master.

So do you have a favorite wine gadget? Let me know.

Cent’ Anni.