Watch drone deliver a candy bar across Hong Kong

Will food delivery by drone be more common in the near future?

Almost a year ago, the FAA pulled the plug on a Wisconsin brewery’s plans to delivery beer by drone. But over the summer, a pizza shop in Russia made a 30 minute delivery by drone—the first unnamed food delivery on record.

Pizza may be too ambitious for many lightweight drones so one YouTuber tried the the trip with a candy bar. User Sky Frog appears to have successfully delivered a chocolate candy bar across Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong-- a distance of nearly seven miles, via a Quadcopter.

“Autonomous drone delivering a chocolate bar from Kowloon side to the south side of Hong Kong island in less than 14 minutes,” Sky Frog posts in the description.

The drone, which has a camera attachment, soars above skyscrapers, green hills and water passages to make its way safely to the destination. Though the journey seems like fun, the YouTuber cautions that these trips are not to be attempted without careful planning an enumerates several steps that need to be taken to ensure a safe journey. These tips include being wary of low-flying air traffic like private planes and other drones, as well as anticipating difficult weather conditions.

Sky Frog writes “Plan and fly thoroughly and carefully. Accidents will ruin this hobby for yourself and the community.”

Sadly, the YouTuber doesn't tell us what type of chocolate bar was delivered.

Check out the full clip below and take a mini aerial tour of Hong Kong via drone.