TV chef James Martin responds to annoyed customer's tweet over bad airport burger

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A complaint on Twitter about a terrible burger at the airport caught the attention of exactly the right person.

The BBC reports Scottish TV and radio host Ewan Cameron was recently at Glasgow Airport with his wife. While he balked at buying a $13 burger (fries not included) at James Martin Kitchen, the namesake restaurant of celebrity chef James Martin, his wife opted for that meal and was disappointed in what showed up: "the flattest of burgers … burnt round the edges, a huge roll that was quite stale and not fresh, with some cheese and onions in the middle."

Cameron took a picture of the offending meal and posted it to Twitter Sunday morning, tagging Martin and noting: "I'm not one for complaining but I feel you need to see what your name is attached to."

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Per the Metro, others jumped onto the thread and lodged similar complaints about Martin's eatery, with one claiming that McDonald's serves up better fare.

By early Sunday afternoon, Martin was responding. After apologizing to Cameron with a tweet, Martin assured him, "I will deal with it personally" and asked Cameron to privately send him more specifics.

A statement from the airport offered a similar acknowledgment, noting "the images shared certainly don't reflect the high standards we expect to deliver and it was reassuring to see Mr. Martin respond personally to the feedback received." Cameron adds that airport food in general isn't very good and that he's pleased with Martin's genuine-seeming response.

"That's proper customer service right there," he tweeted Wednesday. "Hats off to the man."

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