Toilet themed restaurant in LA craps out

It seems that customers really didn't want to eat murky brown curry from a mini toilet.

Los Angeles' Magic Restroom Café- a bathroom themed eatery- closed its doors over Memorial Day weekend.

The Taiwanese food joint stayed open just eight months, Los Angeles Magazine reports.

Customers with iron stomachs sat on individual porcelain thrones while dining on dishes like “smells like poop” (pork over rice) or “bloody number two” (strawberry-vanilla sundae). According to various Yelp reviews, the questionable fare at Magic Restroom Cafe was likely to induce some quality time on a real latrine.

But if you really want to eat out from a potty, head to Taiwan or China where the original concept restaurant chain, Modern Toilet, is still quite popular.

Guess L.A. folks just couldn’t stomach it.