Who doesn't enjoy the finer things in life? But sometimes hungry shoppers go a bit overboard and these luxury food items are a favorite of the elite diners who just can't say no to an extra shaving of truffles. Check out some of these over-the-top items.

1. Selection of special salts.



Not only do food snobs have to have the perfect salt every occasion (dahling, you must finish your steak with just a touch of fleur de sel), they also have to-go bags of said salts to bring to restaurants.

2. Truffle Anything.



Truffles are expensive — really expensive. So your favorite food snobs will be sure to utilize truffle oil, salt, or butter at every opportunity.

3. Selection of Bitters.



Instead of pulling a beer from the fridge when someone comes over, food snobs will whip up a craft cocktail, served in the proper glass, of course.

4. Stinky Cheeses.



Cheese is just about the greatest food on earth. When you get to the point that a cheese is too stinky to handle, it’s just a waste of cheese.

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