When you make a promise you have to keep it. That’s what Stephen McPherson did.

As president of ABC entertainment, McPherson has contributed to the success of many shows like "Desperate Housewives," "Grey's Anatomy," "Dancing with the Stars," and "Modern Family."  But his life was all work and no play.  So eight years ago, he promised his wife Jennifer that he would expand his interests and pursue his passion for wine --full time.

Growing up in France gave McPherson a true appreciation for food and wine, but it wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles and took frequent trips to Napa that his passion truly developed.

So, with the encouragement of his wife, he partnered with friend and long-time Disney executive, Rich Frank, who owns the Frank Family Vineyards, to create his first wine, and thus the Promise was born.

“This is a labor of love and has given me a different fulfillment in life that the front lines of entertainment and TV couldn’t,” says McPherson.

Thanks to their business acumen, they decided to go high-end.  The profit margins are best on the low-end wines and the high-end, said Mcpherson.  It’s hard to make money on the stuff in the middle.

The wine is very limited and production is small—about 200 cases per year. So to buy it, you have to get on an allocation list at Promisewine.com. Retail sales have been limited to restaurants in Los Angeles, New York and London only.

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But those that have tasted it have clearly enjoyed it.  Wine critic Robert Parker gave the 2007 Promise Cabernet 96 points out of 100 in December 2010, ranking it among his picks of "extraordinary" wines. And it was a part of the Robb Report’s “Host’s Guide” Holiday 2010.

So not only did McPherson keep his promise, he made a lot of people proud. We all should do the same.