Pricey glass claims to make Coke taste better

America’s most beloved beverage may have just received a major status upgrade.

World reknowned wineglass maker Georg Riedel has crafted a new glass made just for tasting Coca-Cola. Currently retailing for $29.90 for a set of two, the new design marks an interesting turn for the esteemed glassmaker.

“I would say this is, for me in my career, the most exciting project,” Riedel told Bloomberg Businessweek. He also said that it has long been a dream of his to work with the brand. This partnership marks the first non-alcoholic licensing deal Riedel has pursued.

The new glass boasts elegant curves designed to enhance the right balance between means “sweetness, acidity, minerality, and effervescence,” of the drink. According to Riedel, the bubbles stay longer on the palate. “The finish,” he claims, “is much longer” compared with drinking from a normal glass, and the aroma is more intense.

Long time drinkers may finally be able to discern the secret ingredients behind the Cola’s famously guarded recipe. Notes of vanilla? A touch of cinnamon?

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Riedel told Bloomberg Businessweek that this is only the beginning for a potential line of non-alcoholic drink ware, aimed at new customers under 21.

“We will talk to a new customer group which is much younger and be able—in places where alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed—to have a standing, an item we can offer,” he says. With declining wineglass sales in Europe, this might be a smart move.

What’s next? A Sprite glass to bring out the lemon-lime essence? Perhaps the future will see a new type of glass for every soft drink on the market.