Burger joint calls out Eagles' LeSean McCoy for skimpy 20 cent tip

LeSean McCoy, a running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, reportedly left a 20 cent tip after chowing down at PYT—a Philly burger restaurant known for outrageous combinations.

McCoy treated four friends to a meal, but according to server Rob Knelly, who spoke to the Philadelphia Daily News, they were “extremely rude.”

“That is a .03% tip,” PYT reported to its Facebook following. “New record!”

According to an image posted on PYT’s Facebook page, the total for the bill came to $61.56. But the receipt shows that after the meal was paid for, a mere 20 cents was left as a tip.

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Knelly told the Daily News he was not surprised when we went to pick up the bill and noted that he did not recognize any other customers as Eagles players but “they sported football tattoos.”

Reaction on on PYT's Facebook page has been mixed.  On the one hand, some say that a wealthy football star would leave such a measly tip is shameful. McCoy signed a $45 million contract extension over 5 years with the Eagles in 2012.

"Wow. Somehow that seems even worse than $0," one person commented.

"That cheap ass!!!!!! Customers can post BS on eateries but we can't on them????? Nope. Put him on blast." wrote another.

But many others have questioned the authenticity of the receipt and have called out the burger chain for posting an incendiary photo that they say may or may not be real.

"making bad publicity for your own restaurant. i'm not going to eat somewhere that is known to post receipts on social media."

"Shame on the establishment for posting this. Regardless of the tip, he has a right to privacy & his opinion on the tip he gave"

"You do realize that this is just telling the public how horrible your service (and Rob the server) is. It must have been extra bad because the .20 is more spiteful than none at all. Tactless and tasteless with rotten service to boot (sounds like your next burger creation!)."

Some have come to McCoy’s defense, citing stories of excellent tips received in the past from the NFL player, while calling out the burger restaurant on its rumored sub-par service:

"I've waited on him countless times, he has always tipped me incredibly. Te fact that a restaurant would post this is absurd. I will not be going there ever."

"He tipped me $50 on $100. When he eats in Rittenhouse. I've eaten here before, your service sucks!! All cocky unwashed hipsters."

The burger joint claims that the tip is authentic and is sticking to their version of events.

On Monday night McCoy spoke to a Daily News Eagles beat reporter who tweeted this after the conversation:

It is unclear if the player was referring to the restaurant service or calling foul on the whole story?

Now celebrities like Chrissy Tiegen have tweeted their intention to boycott PYT in the future.