Baker creates life-size Jennifer Lawrence 'Hunger Games' cake

Lara Clarke has only been baking for three years but she’s already making a big impression in the world of cakes— and we mean big.

Clarke’s edible confections are larger-than-life recreations of well-known movie characters including the Grinch, Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and, most recently, a statuesque cake of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from the "Hunger Games."

“I work from my little kitchen extension all by myself but my fiancé Nick Mason helps will all the behinds the scenes stuff, deliveries, running out for icing at 3 a.m. and keeping me calm in a cake crisis,” Clarke told

Clarke is a self-taught baker who honed her craft watching YouTube videos and shows like "Cake Boss." The “Jennifer” cake took Clark around 170 hours to build and used a whopping 150 eggs, 22 pounds each of flour, butter, 11 pounds of chocolate ganache, 22 pounds of modelling chocolate, and over 110 pounds of sugar.

Also a fan of "Game of Thrones," Clarke simultaneously created a Tyrion Lannister cake which took her about 250 hours over three months. Both cakes were for a competition so they didn’t need to stay fresh.

And the most unusual feat of these cakes? They really are just cake.

“[There are] no special ingredients and  because of the structures I use, you can make it from any kind of cake you like,” Clarke says.

Clarke recently took home a Gold and Silver award for her latest creations at a Cake International event in the U.K. Though she has no projects currently in the works, she can’t wait to start building something new and says she has never turned down a challenge.