Activists pushing Starbucks to use only non-GMO, organic milk

Rising concerns about chemical additives and GMO labeling have caused activists to petition Starbucks to begin using only organic milk.

The group behind the campaign, known as Green America claim that the coffee chain uses genetically modified organism (GMO) milk which “has yet to be proven safe for humans, animal, or the planet by independent long-term studies,” according to the group.

This past Sunday, Green America staged an online protest with the #OrganicMilkNext to raise awareness for their cause.

On Sunday, there were thousands of Twitter followers using the hashtag – but not everyone was supporting the cause.

Green America protests against Apple products, claiming labor abuses in Chinese factories amidst other global causes.

A Starbucks spokeswoman told that the chain has no plans to offer organic milk.

"We understand that organic dairy is an important issue for some of our customers and are constantly evaluating our sourcing options to ensure we are offering the highest quality products.  In the meantime, we do provide customers the choice of organic soy milk in our stores, globally."