A quarter pound of lean ground sirloin and a hearty whole-grain bun start you out at 250 calories. Now you’re ready for all those tasty toppings.

Whether you take a step on the wild side and opt for a soy burger or stick with the ever classic chuck, make sure you are armed with all the facts on these patty varieties.

Lamb (23% fat)
240 calories, 9g sat fat

Chuck (20% fat)
209 calories, 5g sat fat

Turkey (13% fat)
193 calories, 3g sat fat

Bison (grass-fed)
124 calories, 2.5g sat fat

Lean Sirloin (5% fat)
140 calories, 2g sat fat

Turkey Breast (1% fat)
91 calories, 0.5g sat fat

Soy Crumbles
90 calories, 0g sat fat

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