YouTube star Logan Paul booted from Yosemite National Park

YouTube star Logan Paul received some unexpected gifts for his 23rd birthday this week: two citations and an order to leave California’s Yosemite National Park.

It all started Monday when Paul and his friends drove their “Cool Bus” into the park – and pitched their tents on top of the vehicle, the Fresno Bee reported.

At one point, they were reportedly still inside the tents when the bus was moving, the newspaper reported. When rangers spotted them, Paul was cited for unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, the report said, and also for improper food storage – although details on that charge were unavailable.

On Tuesday, after other park visitors complained about noise, Paul and his friends were asked to leave, the Bee reported.

“He was not singled out,” park spokeswoman Jamie Richards told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Every visitor who behaved as he did would be treated in the same way."

"He was not singled out. Every visitor who behaved as he did would be treated in the same way."

— Jamie Richards, spokeswoman, Yosemite National Park

One nice moment, however: While Paul was still in the park, a group of young fans recognized him and sang “Happy Birthday” to him, the Bee reported.

Naturally, Paul posted a YouTube video of his Yosemite trip – and it received more than 3 million views, the Bee’s report said.

Paul drew outrage earlier this year after posting a video reportedly showing the body of someone in Japan who committed suicide. Paul apologized afterward and said he would be taking time out "to reflect" on that matter.