Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern talk 'Wilson,' 'Star Wars' roles

Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern lead the new indie “Wilson” based on the satirical graphic novel of the same name. The story follows Wilson, who has no filter, reconnecting with his estranged ex-wife and meeting the daughter he never knew he had. Fox News spoke with the actors about their current film as well as their upcoming roles in "Star Wars."

Fox News: One of your character’s qualities is not having a filter. Do you have a good filter or do you say whatever is on your mind?
Woody Harrelson: I think maybe I do a little bit of that saying [whatever I think]… so many times I got in trouble just [by] opening my mouth when if I’d have just kept it shut I’d have been fine.

Fox News: Going from this indie to two big blockbusters with the “Star Wars” movies, did either of you ever think you would be in a “Star Wars” movie?
Harrelson: I didn’t think she would… (laughs)

Fox News: But did you, was this something that was on a wish-list?
Harrelson: No, it's never anything I imagined. How could you imagine something like that? It's so cool, you know, because now of course being in that universe for a while over in England you hear all these stories, initially there was a lot of people who were telling him that this thing is going to be a disaster and they had no idea what kind of juggernaut this was going to be. They really didn't know what they had on their hands initially, the first “Star Wars.”

Fox News: Do you prefer small indies or big blockbuster films?
Laura Dern: If you're lucky and blessed with a great filmmaker on an enormous franchise, you feel like you're inventing in there together. Ryan Johnson being our director on “Star Wars” is an independent filmmaker and makes it you know, radical, brave, fun. I mean, that's the beauty of doing something where you're following a guide who has this spirit and is hopefully even a pioneer in whatever they're doing…But when doing an independent film particularly like “Wilson,” your goal is only about reflecting humanity. You’re not supposed to serve anything else except these characters and there’s so much freedom and you know, you’re there to kind of mess it up and break boundaries and that’s the most delicious fun possible.