William Shatner talks getting older and hospital visit

William Shatner is heading back to space. The actor voices General Shanker in the animated film “Escape from Planet Earth.” The 81-year-old actor, best known for his days as Captain Kirk, spoke to FOX 411 about the new movie, the motto he lives by and an album he’s working on.

FOX 411: Do you find that people get more cautious as they age?
Shatner: That’s exactly right, and I say don’t do that. Say yes. It may inconvenience you a little bit but the opportunities keep opening up.

FOX 411: What [inconveniences have you had]?
Shatner: I had to go to the hospital for a day and I had to stay overnight. That is a truly humbling experience. I recommend every actor of any renown after he’s been lauded as a great actor, he should be required to go to a hospital, especially Cedars-Sinai, and go overnight. That will humiliate him enough.

FOX 411: Was your bottom flapping in the wind?
Shatner: Worse. ‘Look there’s Captain Kirk with his bottom showing!’ (laughs). I swear to God people brought people in to be introduced at two in the morning. ‘Here is the nurse who will be taking over tomorrow at noon.’

FOX 411: [For your new movie], did you research it by talking to actual generals?
Shatner: No actually I researched it by talking to my wife who is my general (laughs). But what you’re asking me is an interesting question. How do you vocalize this character? What do you choose? I wanted to take the edge off the villainy and yet retain the villainy. I made him a little prissy, a little cat like and tried to split the fun and not lose the drama of being a villain.

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FOX 411: You just finished touring with your one man show.
Shatner: It’s called ‘Just Say Yes.’ I try to live that way as much as possible, to grasp the opportunity to live while we can.

We also filmed my one man show that will be out in the spring and I’ve got an album that I’m terrified of that I’ve got to work on.

FOX 411: Why are you terrified?
Shatner: Because I don’t know how to handle it. I’ve got a concept but I don’t know how to make the concept work…. It’s filled with mystery and I don’t know how to solve it yet.

FOX 411: You’re a grandfather of three. Do you spoil them rotten?
Shatner: I spoil them rotten but the lessons I learned of what not to do with my own kids, I’m trying to tell my daughters. I encourage them to learn something from what I’ve learned.

FOX 411: Which is?
Shatner: Not to spoil them rotten. With the admonition, ‘Don’t do what I do, do what I say.’