Why Garth Brooks is So Lucky and How to Make the Best Rye Cocktail

Country legend Garth Brooks is madly in love with his wife, fellow singer Trisha Yearwood. “You’re looking at the luckiest, most blessed guy on the planet,” he gushes. We have a feeling Yearwood’s may also have something to do with it.

Speaking of country stars, expecting mother Carrie Underwood received the Gene Weed Special Achievement Award during Tuesday night’s 8th Annual ACM Honors and she couldn’t help, but shed some major tears.

Happy hour will eventually be here. And if you're a fan of , consider shaking things up with one of the coolest cocktails around, made just for you. See the video above for the full recipe.

Want to know what’s it like dating newly single Britney Spears? The pop starlet shares the pros and cons of being with her on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in New York City.

On the topic of Spears, she may have accidently revealed that actress Zoe Saldana may be expecting twins. Note to self: never tell Britney Spears anything you don't want others to know about.

Actor Ryan Phillippe celebrated his daughter Ava’s 15th birthday, but seriously, doesn’t she look EXACTLY like her mother, fellow star Reese Witherspoon?

So that potential feud going on between powerhouses Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? Yeah, you could possibly blame this guy for that. But let’s be real here, any dancer would have a better chance showing off their skills with “Dark Horse” over “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” any day. Just saying.

Robert Downey Jr., who is on the cover of Vanity Fair, talks about his 20-year-old son Indio being recently charged with felony drug possession.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are officially here. But the real question is, are you willing to wait in line for hours just to get a phone that will probably become old news in just a few months?

Remember Haley Joel Osment, also known as the adorable little boy who “sees dead people” in “The Sixth Sense?” The Oscar-nominated actor is still doing films, but let’s just say he looks completely different for his new role as a reported “greasy haired Nazi."

Could this be the comeback many have been desperately waiting for? David Bowie is releasing a “new recording.” Oh, you big tease!

In hopes of getting some (more) attention, Justin Bieber stripped down to his boxers live on TV, but got booed instead. Womp, womp.

You may not know Nick Loeb by name, but chances are you’re more familiar with his famous ex, actress Sofia Vergara. When asked about her new beau, actor Joe Manganiello, Loeb admits that the “True Blood” star is a “great-looking guy.” “I guess if I was a girl, I’d be dating him, too," he says.

Long-running game show “Jeopardy” is returning for its 31st season next week and in celebration, Alex Trebek is bringing back the ‘stache.

So how did Gwen Stefani revealed the news about her third pregnancy to husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale. With the help of e-mail, of course.

And because fall season is upon us, Oreo has unveiled pumpkin spice-flavored cookies.