The X Factor: Demi Lovato’s Contender Paige Thomas Eliminated

It was elimination night on Thursday’s broadcast on “The X Factor” as singer Demi Lovato lost Paige Thomas, and music executive L.A. Reid lost contender Vino Alan.

The judges are feeling the pressure of having fewer contestants each week, as record label giant Simon Cowell took out his stress on Lovato, attacking the Tex-Mex star on her mentoring choices.

Unlike Cowell's and Reid’s prediction of CeCe Frey having to “pack a suitcase,” America’s votes rescued Frey from being in the bottom two (again) and spared her having to sing for her survival on the show one more time.

Sadly for Thomas, giving what was deemed as the best performance she had given while on “The X Factor” was not enough and the singer was eliminated in a shocking turn of events.

The crowd got a treat of last season’s runner up Josh Krajcik, who visited the set and sang his new track “One Thing She’ll Never Know.”

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Perky 16-year-old Diamond White and rocker Vino Alan were forced to sing for their survival resulting in pop princess Britney Spears choosing to keep White and Lovato eventually choosing to keep White as well after being undecided about Alan because she was “bored” with him.

Cowell was also conflicted but chose to keep White as well probably because White can target a younger demographic group that Alan.

Other highlights of the show included a performance by singer Alicia Keys.

Nex week, last season’s winner on “The X Factor,” Melanie Amaro, will croon and talk to the remaining contestants.