‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ won’t have Season 2: ‘Case is closed’ for FX

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” was the most watched show in the history of FX, but Executive Producer Brad Simpson shot down the possibility of a second season about O.J.

"We've been pitched that. We don't want to overstay our welcome. This is closed off,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. “That show would just be about O.J. What we had here was all these characters colliding. I think the case is closed for us on O.J.”

Cuba Gooding Jr., who played OJ Simpson, said fans love to discuss the show with him.

“It’s specific demographics of blacks and whites… aggressive poverty stricken people…would come up to me and say ‘I was sure that he didn't do it and even if he did I didn't really care…’ that’s what I get,” he explained. “And the extreme whites would say ‘I saw your show and I’m thinking now maybe he didn't do it.’”

The Emmy-nominated actor told FOX411 he did not want the audience to know his personal thoughts about the famed case.

“I want other people to not go and find documentation of my opinion on his guilt or innocence,” he said. “I’d rather have them just experience the performance and then formulate their own opinions. You’re never going to convince people who think he’s innocent that he’s not.”

Gooding Jr. said that when people discuss the show with them he listens “like a priest would in a confessional.”

“The devotion has to be there; I have to allow myself to get caught up in the emotion that the character is going through,” he said. “This is the darkest experience I have ever had.”

His co-star Sarah Paulson revealed she has not watched the show, and Gooding Jr. said he hasn’t either, though he called the show “one of the high notes” of his career.

“I said from the beginning, I don't want to walk through this life right now,” he explained. “Maybe someday, but not right now. I’m still working through personal issues in my life that were so parallel with his issues…”

He said he struggles “when I think about having to give that performance, knowing that it is still causing people pain to this day.”