'The Lonely Island' team explains why Bill Clinton isn't in their film 'Pop Star'

The Lonely Island puts its signature spin on the music mockumentary for “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” following fictional hit-makers The Style Boyz and their breakout band member Conner4Real. FOX411 spoke with The Lonely Island AKA Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone about their big screen venture, whether they’ll take this show on the road, and we also take a trip down Lonely Island memory lane.

FOX411: When is the The Style Boyz tour?
Andy Samberg: Nineteen-ninety-never!
Jorma Taccone: No, we would love to tour. Honestly we had it almost on the books a couple times and there’s three of us you know, our schedules are difficult to coordinate but we would love to.

FOX411: For you guys, who has the most outrageous tour rider or what would be on your tour rider?
Taccone: This guy (Andy) would need mangos and almonds, this guy (Akiva) would need almond milk, and this guy would need just like a hunk of steak.
Samberg: As if…
Akiva Schaffer: So mangos and almonds, almonds, and a hunk of steak.
Taconne: I’m a hunk of steak guy, all American.
FOX411: That’s not that demanding, that’s actually ok.
Taccone: Well actually the steak is the worst part, having to go and get that. Every town you go to like say ‘a hunk of steak’ because it’s not cooked.

FOX411: Was there one cameo that didn’t happen that you wanted?
Schaffer: Well we didn’t get Bill Clinton to play the saxophone…
Taccone: Yes and we realized in retrospect that the main problem with not getting him was not necessarily his schedule but the fact that we didn’t ask him.
Schaffer: We learned a lot during the process you know, making the leap into the big screen had new challenges and stuff, and we didn’t know that you had to call people if you wanted them to show up but that’s part of what we learned along the process.

FOX411: As The Lonely Island, what was the first song you ever wrote and realized that this worked?
Samberg: The first one we did that we made a video for was called “Ka-Blamo!” and it was about us saying the new cool word to say for things was “Ka-Blamo!” like when something is really neat you go “That’s Ka-Blamo!’.
Taccone: And if something was uncool then you would say it’s not ‘Ka-Blamo!’ So it was very simple…
Schaffer: And it caught on, and that’s why that phrase is so popular today.

FOX411: These things just come to you in conversation between the three of you?
Samberg: We used to drink a lot when we wrote songs. It was not our job yet we were just doing it sort of on a whim.
Taccone: Into the wee hours of the morning we would make a lot of songs and it ended up being like 5 or 6 in the morning.
Samberg: But now it’s like serious business.
Schaffer: Now we’re up at 8 in the morning, cup of coffee…
Taccone: And that’s before like we jog, hit the gym.
Schaffer: Work on our bods for 7 to 8 hours, 30 minutes of songs.

“Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” is in theaters June 3rd. Check out more of our interview with The Lonely Island in the video above.