'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood scammed Indiana low income housing program, report says

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood was tossed out of her Indiana home last month for scamming the government and mooching off taxpayer money,  law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Here's how it breaks down -- according to Amber's lease agreement, obtained by TMZ, the house she was renting in Anderson, Indiana had been subsidized by the state's Low Income Rental Housing Tax Credit Program.

The problem is, in order to enroll in the program -- a prerequisite for moving in -- the reality star claimed she made roughly $10,000 a year, much less than what she actually earned in 2010: $280,000.

According to sources, Amber's massive income rendered her ineligible for subsidized housing, and that's the reason her landlords evicted her.

It doesn't really matter though as Amber's still locked up in jail, awaiting final approval to enter a court-appointed drug rehab program.