Taylor Swift defends controversial ticket game: Program 'rewards fans'

Taylor Swift is speaking out after backlash over the singer's "Taylor Swift Tix" promotion, saying she believes the sales plan is necessary to ensure tickets to her tour end up in the hands of her fans and not scalpers.

Some criticized Swift’s ticketing game, which is run by Ticketmaster, where fans can increase their chance of getting a coveted ticket to the singer's show by buying Swift’s new album and merchandise, engaging on social media and watching her latest music video. Each effort boosts a fan’s chance to purchase a concert ticket for her upcoming tour.

Swift is defending the game after some called it "greedy," saying the promotion method is the only way to make sure tickets got into the right hands.

"If these same tickets were offered on the open market, scalpers would snatch them up and fans would be paying thousands of dollars for them," a rep for the pop star told Fox News. “Scalpers and bots will not take the time to engage in legitimate fan activity. Taylor rewarding her fans for posting selfies, watching youtube videos and downloading her albums, things her fans are already doing, is a great thing. This is a program that rewards fans for being fans and makes sure they get great tickets at face value."


Ticketmaster also stood by their Verified Fan program telling us it has been "very successful in proving its ability to keep bots and scalpers out of the ticket buying process."

"This new program extension rewards her fans for the support they have always shown, by engaging in everyday behaviors that are a core part of their experience with Taylor, including fun and free activities like posting on social media and watching a lyric video, and more free activities will continue to be added,” David Marcus, EVP, Head of Music for Ticketmaster North America told Fox News.

Some fans sided with Swift praising her on social media for the ticket game.

Swift has not announced a tour date yet but the “Red” singer released her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” last week following a hiatus. On Sunday, the singer released her video for the song during MTV’s Video Music Awards.