'Smallville' actress Allison Mack asks court to let her continue acting amid NXIVM sex cult allegations

Allison Mack, who allegedly played a pivotal role in the NXIVM cult that’s been accused of sex trafficking and other crimes, is reportedly asking the court for permission to continue to pursue acting and other endeavors while under house arrest.

According to E! News, the former “Smallville” actress has requested that the court amend her bail conditions. The outlet cites court documents in which she asks to be able to leave her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, Calif., where she remains on house arrest, so that she can try to work, attend weekly religious services and school.

Mack previously plead not guilty to charges of sex trafficking in connection with her role in the NVIVM organization that’s accused of recruiting women as sex slaves under the guise of a women’s self-help organization. Members were allegedly branded with the organization's symbol and extorted with sensitive content such as nude photos and letters about their loved ones that were volunteered by members in order to demonstrate their commitment to the organization.

She was released on $5 million bond and placed under GPS location monitoring in her parent’s home. Now it seems she’s hoping to amend that deal in the hopes of restarting her acting career. The star appeared in every season of the superhero series “Smallville” from 2001 - 2011. Since then, her acting has been limited, only appearing in small roles in TV shows like “Wilfred,” “The Following” and “American Odyssey.”

Her last credit was in 2015. Still she appears to want to get back into the game.

"The proposed modifications will allow Ms. Mack to contribute to society and her own self-betterment while she awaits the resolution of the criminal charges," the papers reportedly read. "These activities not only will allow Ms. Mack to use her time productively while awaiting trial but will also assist with her reintegration into society if she is vindicated of the charges or even in the unlikely event that she is convicted after trial."