Shannon Bream on her winding path to success: First boss told me I'd 'never make it' in TV

"Fox News @ Night" anchor Shannon Bream dropped by "Fox & Friends" Monday to detail her winding path to Fox News Channel.

In her new book, "Finding the Bright Side: The Art of Chasing What Matters," Bream shares a deeply personal examination on finding purpose and growth amid life’s unpredictability.

During the show, Bream read a brief passage about losing her first job in television after leaving her career as a lawyer.

"When you see that the head of human resources is sitting in the meeting you've been called into, it's not a good sign. Mr. New Boss proceeded to unload: 'I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to put you on television, but you are the worst I've never seen. You will NEVER make it in this business,'" Bream read.

Shannon Bream's 'Finding the Bright Side'

Shannon Bream's 'Finding the Bright Side' (Random House Publishing)

She said it was a painful experience, and she found it challenging to navigate a new industry and learn on the fly.

Despite that, with hard work, perseverence and faith, she was able to achieve success.

"For me, my faith is the most important thing in my life. I prayed a lot and said, 'God, I know that there's purpose in this.' And there really was. It was a winding path, but I ended up here," Bream said.

Bream joined Fox News Channel in 2007 as a Washington, D.C.- based correspondent covering the Supreme Court. She currently serves as anchor of FOX News @ Night, weekdays at 11:00pm-12:00am ET.

In "Finding the Bright Side," Bream also opens up about her strict childhood, her years in law school, her experience participating in pageants like Miss America, her former Marine and police officer father and her mother, whom she affectionately refers to as the "Meanest Mom in the World."

Read an excerpt of the book, and get your copy when it goes on sale Tuesday.