SEE THEM: New Presidential Barbie Dolls Aim to Empower Young Girls

Barbie has definitely come a long way, from the disproportionately tall and thin Barbie to Barbies that are now diverse in ethnicity, weight, height, and profession.

Now, Mattel has partnered with She Should Run — a non-partisan organization that encourages females to run for public office — to create the first presidential Barbie ticket: a female vice-president and a female president. Mattel and She Should Run have made it their goal to encourage girls “to unlock their leadership potential,” which complements Mattel’s new "You Can Be Anything" Barbie campaign. The two companies want to show young women that they can run for oval office, despite the male-dominated political field.

As it states on its website, writes, “When a girl plays with a Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.” With that in mind, President Barbie and vice-president Barbie highlight how much female roles have progressed, yet they also draw attention to how much can still be done. The dolls represent a woman’s strength, intelligence, leadership and determination, and inspire girls to aim for the stars.

You can pre-order the presidential Barbie duo for $24.99 to be shipped by July 20th, 2016. Along with the dolls, Mattel is encouraging girls to download a four-page packet of games, which allow them to draw themselves as leaders, circle empowering words that describe themselves, and write a personalized presidential speeches.