Sadie Robertson confirms she's dating college football player Trevor Knight

After weeks of speculation, Sadie Robertson confirms she's dating Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight.

"We've been dating for three weeks, so it's super chill," the "Duck Dynasty" star told ET.

Robertson met the college football player three months ago and they immediately hit it off -- but just as friends.

The reality star was visiting Texas and asked Knight to go to a Justin Bieber concert with her because she had no one to go with. He said "Sure" but they didn't speak for a month after that.

"We didn't date then. Actually, I didn't talk to him for a month after that. I was like, 'No,'" the 19-year-old revealed. "Then a month later he called me and was like, 'So, why didn't you just talk to me for a month?' And we ended up becoming friends and, of course, started dating three weeks ago."

What attracted Robertson to Knight was his strong Christian faith. The pair also bonded over how they each handle their fame.

"Trevor has to deal with his own kinda fame -- that was weird for me," the "Live Original" author said. "We're both kinda in the spotlight ... but he does such a good job with it. He is a very strong Christian and he tells everybody about his faith, so we had a lot in common in that area."

The outspoken reality star also shared her views on the election with ET.

"This is super exciting for me because it's my first time to vote," she said.

While her father, Willie, has "been on the Trump train since day one," the first-time voter wanted to come to her own conclusion of which candidate she supports.

"I guess I'm on the Trump train too now," Robertson shared. "I just feel like I align most with his beliefs and views and I trust him."