Sacha Baron Cohen slammed by street artist Sabo for stunt in 'Who Is America?'

Sabo has taken comedian Sasha Baron Cohen to task for seemingly posing as a disabled military veteran in a wheelchair for his new Showtime series "Who Is America?" A stunt the network denies.

The conservative street artist placed a fake advertisement on a billboard across from CBS depicting Cohen seated in a wheelchair, with a prosthetic leg, wearing a U.S. Army T-shirt. The billboard reads "Sacha Baron Cohen Walks Away With a Hit… and a touch of stolen valor."

Last Tuesday former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin posted on Facebook that Cohen duped her into a fake interview by posing as a disabled military veteran writing, “I join a long list of American public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick 'humor' of the British 'comedian' Sacha Baron Cohen, enabled and sponsored by CBS/Showtime.”

Cohen responded to Palin by posting a handwritten letter on Twitter telling Palin that he never said he was a war vet. He stated he was in the service – United Parcel, not military. Showtime released a statement supporting Cohen and the series stating, “Cohen did not present himself as a disabled veteran.”

Fox News chatted with Sabo to talk about his campaign against Cohen.

Fox News: Why did you put up a billboard depicting Sasha Baron Cohen in a wheelchair?
Sabo: Well, I heard about the problems Sarah Palin had with Sacha Baron Cohen and the whole disguising himself as a veteran. And, you know I used to like Sacha back in the "Borat" days and so on and so forth, but you know there are certain lines you are not supposed to cross. Making fun of, especially disabled veterans. All that tells me is the left-wing people in Hollywood, there is no depth that they won’t sink.

And, more than that, Cohen is from England. England has so many problems right now, I really wish he would take his talents and go lampoon his own country. It’s not like I go out of my way and lampoon London or England or anything.

Fox News: What is your experience being in Hollywood and Los Angeles right now during this political atmosphere?
Sabo: You know, it’s crazy. While I was putting this project together I wanted to experiment, wearing a MAGA hat for 30 days, I only made it one because there is no way I can go to the art vendors... wearing that hat. It would just hurt my business... It’s weird I mean, you can’t even wear a damn cap and walk down the street. My friend walked down to 7-Eleven around the block and some guy spit on him. The left and Hollywood is unhinged.

Sabo posted ads around Los Angeles calling out Baron Cohen for stolen valor stunt.

Sabo posted ads around Los Angeles calling out Baron Cohen for stolen valor stunt. (Fox News)

Fox News: Anything else you want to add?
Sabo: ... I've loved politics my whole life, but I've never seen it this bad. The sad thing is, we're not even two years into Trump’s presidency. God forbid he wins again. What’s the left going to do when he wins again? They will go completely insane. It’s just sad when Obama won twice I grinned and bared it, I didn’t have to like it, but I didn’t resist. I didn’t beat people up; I didn’t key a car because it had an Obama sticker on it. I was civil for eight years. I may have been unhappy and it wasn’t because he was black, I just didn’t care for his policies, and that’s that.