Roseanne Barr opens up about her life at home following her firing from ‘Roseanne’: ‘I’ve got a lot of time for real life stuff’

When the “Conners” airs tonight, Roseanne Barr will not be watching the “Roseanne” spinoff.

“I’m not going to watch it and I’m not going to condemn it or say anything bad about it either,” Barr told “VICE News Tonight” in an interview that aired on HBO Tuesday right before the “Conners” premiered.

“I’m just moving on from it,” Barr, 65, explained as she walked through her Los Angeles home.

In May, Barr was fired from ABC and her show was canceled abruptly after she tweeted a comment widely seen as racist, directed at former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

"I was impaired and stupid and mistaken and wrong, and for that I apologized," Barr said of her tweet, adding that "everybody knows that [she's] struggled with mental health issues and [she] was struggling at that time as well."

Once "Roseanne," which already had been greenlit for a second season, was pulled from the network, ABC quickly got to work with the remaining cast members for “The Conners.”


“I don’t keep in touch with anyone on the show,” Barr revealed of her former co-stars, adding that she’s “been removed from the process of my life’s work.”

It’s been rumored that “The Conners” will kill off the Roseanne character by way of an opioid addiction, which was established in one of the last episodes of the 1990s sitcom revival.

“It’s like the worst thing they possibly could have done to me was to fire me from my own show and let other people write my life story," said Barr, who tweeted "I ain't dead b-----s!!!!" following the spin-off's premiere Tuesday evening.


Now, in the five months since her firing, Barr says she’s spent her days getting her “files and pictures” in order.

“I’ve got a lot of time for real life stuff,” Barr added. “Like, just going for a walk with my mom and having an ice cream cone. Stuff like that. Waiting in lines.”

She continued: “I’ve really been sleeping a lot, probably like 17 hours a day. Started smoking. Very bad move.”

Fox News’ Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.