'Real Housewives' Star NeNe Leakes Slams Potential 'Beverly Hills' Cast

The rumor mill has been running rampant for a few weeks now that a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is being added to the uber-popular Bravo franchise, and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” starlet NeNe Leakes already has a cliché perception of the types of ladies that will become the stars.

“If they do the Beverly Hills Housewives, they’ll probably be all plastic – big lips, fake tits, tummy tucks,” she told Pop Tarts at the Rihanna-hosted Pepsi Refresh Project Kick-off Party at LIV in Miami.

Speaking of perceptions, Leakes had one misconception she wanted to clear up.

“The biggest misconception people have of me is that I’m misunderstood. I’m probably the sweetest, funnest, and the one you want to hang out with,” she said. “I show you a good time! And if we become friends then I will be your loyal friend to the end, what more could you ask for? There are a lot of girls who are not true friends.”

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And despite the constant flow of cattiness that goes on between Leakes and her Atlanta counterparts, she wouldn’t want it any other way.

“The third season is full of drama, we’re drama queens. We like to gossip, we’re beautiful, we’re fabulous, we’re everything that everyone else wants to be,” she said. “We all took this journey together and I want to be with all the girls. We bring the drama together; we feed off each other and have a lot of chemistry. It works for us.”

But out of all the ladies involved in the four “Real Housewives” shows, Leakes has one clear favorite.

“Gretchen Rossi (of the O.C version) is the only one that I truly, truly love,” she added. “I think she’s fun, beautiful and she’s making all the bit**es mad and I love it. Make ‘em mad girl! She has great hair; we talk all the time and just had dinner together in Beverly Hills. Did I say she has great hair?”