Rachel Hilbert's Latest Bikini Pic, Leoardo DiCaprio's Third Golden Globe, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

• The other day on Instagram, Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert shared a sneak peek of the new "spring break" collection from VS PINK (above), which is a lingerie and swimwear line aimed at college-age consumers, and, seemingly, the people who enjoy looking at those college-age consumers in bikinis.

• In related news, we recently had the chance to interview Hilbert this past November, right after her first-ever gig at the Victoria's Secert Fashion Show. Watch the video below to learn why she was "almost numb" by the time she started walking down the runway, then modeling PINK's latest lines for consumers and oglers alike.

"The Revenant" won big at Sunday night's Golden Globes, taking home awards for Best Motion Picture and Best Director, and even earning Leonardo DiCaprio his third Golden Globe for Best Actor. We'd like to say Leo is pretty much a shoo-in for his first-ever Oscar, but given his track record, it's just as likely that Adam Sandler could swoop in and nab the trophy for his work in "The Ridiculous Six."

• Legendary recording artist, actor and goblin king David Bowie died on Sunday following a secretive battle with cancer, his publicist and family confirmed on Monday. He'll be remembered fondly for his prolific musical legacy, his work in film, and for briefly making Bong Crosby seem cool around Christmastime in 1977:

• Late last week during his romantic trip to Mexico with 19-year-old girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber reportedly got himself kicked out of a Mayan historical site for pulling down his pants atop the ancient ruins. But on the bright side, that's exactly the kind of thing that would impress a 19-year-old girlfriend.

• Lady Gaga and her fiance Taylor Kinney photographed themselves naked for the cover of V magazine latest issue, reportedly after making love on a paint canvas in their Chicago apartment (below). So we're guessing Gaga has been harboring a ton of pent-up weirdness following her relatively normal behavior around Tony Bennett, and this was her only means of release.

• Playboy Enterprises is planning to put Hugh Hefner's lavish Holmby Hills estate — otherwise known as the Playboy Mansion — up for sale. They're reportedly listing the property for $200 million, although that probably doesn't include the cost of cleaning, excavating and eventually exorcising the infamously seedy Grotto area of the pool.

• Amazon Studios has released the first trailer for their upcoming feature "Elvis & Nixon" (below). The film looks to be a comically exaggerated retelling of the time Elvis asked President Nixon for a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, which is probably the second-strangest meeting of a celebrity and a politician after Bill Clinton partied with a couple of porn stars at a charity event a few years ago.

• And finally, Lindsay Lohan reportedly locked herself (and her sister Ali) in the bathroom of a Greenwich Village bar on Friday, and when the bartender asked her to vacate, Lohan mocked his ethnicity and spit in another customer's face. In other words, Lindsay Lohan went to a bar on Friday.