TV favorite John Stamos is coming to the rescue of USA’s ‘Necessary Roughness’ which he joined this season as Conor McClane, the mysterious founder of V3, a global sports and entertainment company. The former ‘Full House’ star spoke to FOX411 about his new show, turning the big 5-0, and if he and Demi Moore had a fling way back when on "General Hospital."

FOX411: Tell us about "Necessary Roughness."

John Stamos: I've never really played a character like this, he's a powerful guy, we don't know if he's good or bad. I keep having to tell myself I'm an adult and I have to keep playing more adult characters.

FOX411: Did you base him on your agent?

Stamos: I based the creative side on a friend of mine, Brad Grey. I like how calm is he. The crazier things get the calmer Brad gets.

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FOX411: We know you like going to Disneyland. When you go do you buy the ears?

Stamos: Sometimes. I do enjoy going, maybe it brings back my childhood. I grew up near Disneyland. I'm turning 50 soon and I was going to have my 50th birthday party there and I thought, 'Ah you know what? I'm turning 50.' So I'm going to have a more sophisticated party like a rat pack theme.

FOX411: So it'll be at Universal?

Stamos: That's funny! So yeah I decided to do it at Universal Studios.

FOX411: So Rat Pack, will there be hookers under glass tables?

Stamos: No, I'm saying it's going to be more of a classier party, orchestra, a more adult themed party.

FOX411: Are you going to play the drums?

Stamos: I actually moved the date around so The Beach Boys could be there. I sort of don't want it to be a night of jamming. I'd like my guests to just come and enjoy it so I'm going to hire a band that's unjammable.

FOX411: Like Il Divo.

Stamos: Right no sitting in with Il Divo.

FOX411: So you're turning the big 5-0. You were married, do you want kids?

Stamos: I think I would be a great father. I've not counted it out. I just saw Steve Martin's 60 and he had his first kid so there's hope for me. I still have another 10 years. What's the rush?

FOX411: So are you looking or playing the field?

Stamos: Define looking or playing the field.

FOX411: We imagine you brushing off women like picking off lint from a jacket.

Stamos: I won't answer that but I will tell you that if someone spent 24 hours a day with me they would be surprised at how different I live my life than how people think.

FOX411: We don't believe one word of that. What you're sitting in your room knitting?

Stamos: I don't knit but I do sit in my room a lot more than people would think. I'm sort of done playing around and playing the field. I really don't get involved with anyone unless I think it's going to lead to a serious relationship. In turn I do probably spend 90 percent of my time alone because I'm very specific now and I'd rather be alone than be with the wrong person or leading someone down a path that's not fair.

FOX411: Do you have Greek yogurt in your fridge?

Stamos: Yes I always ate Greek yogurt. I didn't always eat that brand [he does ads for Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt] but I do now. In fact their competitor was on craft service at 'Necessary Roughness' and I made them change it.

FOX411: Look at you power broker!

Stamos: See how much power I have on that show?

FOX411: Tell us about your web series "Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos."

Stamos: Years ago I was at my parent's house and the girl I lost my virginity to came over with her sister. The next day I was going into a network to pitch a show and I thought, 'I got it! How about a show about celebrities talking about losing their virginity.' We couldn't cast it, so I waited 10 or 12 years and now I think people have a better sense of humor about themselves and we're having no problems casting it.

The show will be with me and we'll talk casually about that time in their life, it's not dirty. We'll talk about feelings and we may reenact it with puppets or animation and maybe we'll talk to the person they lost it to to get their side of the story.

FOX411: How old were you?

Stamos: I was 17 and 1/2. That's when the half really counts.

FOX411: I'm surprised you were that old. How old were you when you were cast on 'General Hospital?'

Stamos: 18.

FOX411: Wow if you were cast a year earlier you would have lost it that afternoon.

Stamos: Yeah, to Tony Geary.

FOX411: We have no doubt you had a thing with Demi Moore. [They both started on the show].

Stamos: Really?

FOX411: Yeah, you were both so cute and young.

Stamos: Yeah, we were young. You know what's really funny? We've become friends lately, a really nice friendship