Celebrity Guessing Game: Who's younger?

Some celebs do a good job staying the hands of time. Some don't.

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    Pamela or Carmen: Who's Younger? Pammy (left) and Carmen have both aged very well. But one of them is half a decade younger. (Reuters)
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    Carmen Electra The model-turned-actress was born in 1972 while Pammy was born in 1967. (Reuters)
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    Ben or Matt: Who's Younger? These best-friends launched their careers together with "Good Will Hunting," but one of these fellas is almost two years younger than the other. (Reuters)
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    Ben Affleck Jen Garner's hubby was born in 1972 while his pal Matt was born in 1970. (Reuters)
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    Amy or Kate: Who's Younger? These leading ladies tend to go out for the same roles, but they are not the same age. (Reuters)
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    Kate Hudson Kate was born in 1979, while Amy was born in 1974. (Reuters)
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    Ryan or Carson: Who's younger?  It feels like both of these guys have been on TV for ages. Each of them hosts a successful music show, and while it can be debated whether "American Idol" or "The Voice" has better talent, one thing is for sure, one of these guys is a year younger than the other. But can you guess who? (x17online.com/AP)  
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    Ryan Seacrest The "American Idol" host is 37, while Carson Daly is 38. For more pics of Ryan, go to x17online.com.
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    Sofia or Jen: Who's younger? Sofia Vergara (left) may be known for defying time with her curves, but Jen Garner also doesn't seem to age.  For more pics of your favorite stars, go to x17online.com.
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    Sofia Vergara  She may seem more mature, but it's probably only because she's married to Ed O'Neill on the hit show "Modern Family." In real-life Sofia Vergara was born in 1972. Jen Garner is a year older. (Reuters)
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    Brad or George: Who's younger? Although their teen years are long gone, these best friends still love to play teen-aged pranks. But which one, Brad Pitt (left) or George Clooney (right) has been out of his teens the longest? For more pics of your favorite stars go to x17online.com.
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    Brad Pitt The "Moneyball" star has one more thing he can hang over George Clooney's head. He's still in his 40s, while George is already in his 50s! For more pics of Brad, go to x17online.com.
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    Angie or Gwyneth: Who's younger? Angelina Jolie (left) has six kids, while Gwyneth Paltrow (right) only has two. Is that any indication of age? Let's find out! For more pics of your favorite stars, go to x17online.com.
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    Angelina Jolie The mature acting and looking actress is only 36 - three years younger than Gwyneth Paltrow.  For more pics of Angelina, go to x17online.com.
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    Cam or Jen: Who's younger? Both these ladies, Cameron Diaz (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right), look great for their age, so this is a tough one. For more pics of your favorite stars go to x17online.com.  
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    Cameron Diaz Cam was born in 1972 while Jennifer Lopez is a '60s baby - born in 1969. For more pics of Cameron, go to x17online.com.
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    Reese or Christina: Who's younger? Reese Witherspoon (left) still has her Southern innocence charm. Christina Aguilera (right), on the other hand, hasn't seemed innocent for years. Remember her hit "Dirty?" (AP/x17online.com)
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    Christina Aguilera The songstress was born in 1980. The southern belle is six years older! For more pics of Christina, go to x17online.com.
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