Pamela Anderson's Paper Mag Pictorial, Kanye West's Latest Nightclub Rant, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's talking about:

• Pamela Anderson posed for a nude pictorial with Paper magazine wearing only a wig and her own cruelty-free shoes (see one above). We're still not quite sure why Paper needed her to be naked to plug her new shoes, but we suppose somebody had to pick up the slack since Playboy won't let her strip down anymore.

• Speaking of Anderson, we think it's great that she's passionate about her shoe line. It reminds us of the recent interview we did with GUESS model Alexandria Morgan, who also gushed about her secret passion for our cameras. Watch the video to find out what it is (or for more of Morgan's pics), then sit quietly and think about what you'd rather be doing with your life.

• Despite its PG-13 rating, Warner Bros. will reportedly release an R-rated version of "Batman v. Superman" for home consumers. But unlike the unrated version of "American Pie" you purchased in 1999, this harsher version of "Batman v. Superman" will be rated R for scenes of violence, so don't expect Batman to throw a wild co-ed pool party when Alfred goes away on business.

• During an appearance at an L.A. nightclub earlier this week, Kanye West once again ranted about Taylor Swift, basically to tell the crowd that "she['s] not cool no more!" So now that he's settled that, Kanye can finally take a long, well-deserved sabbatical from the public eye, secure in the knowledge that Taylor Swift is no longer popular.

• Despite not being thrilled with Lady Gaga's Grammy tribute, David Bowie's son Duncan Jones really liked Lorde's tribute to Bowie at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night (below). Jones didn't specify why he liked Lorde's performance so much better, so we can only assume he has a real grudge against dancing keyboards.

• Lin-Manuel Miranda, the award-winning actor/composer behind of Broadway's hip-hop musical "Hamilton," is reportedly in talks to star in Disney's sequel to "Mary Poppins" alongside Emily Blunt. If cast, he'll be playing the role of Jack, a jovial lamplighter who, we assume, will almost certainly start rapping every chance he gets.

• On Wednesday's episode of "The Dr. Oz Show," Charlie Sheen claimed that his public meltdown (circa 2011) was caused by a testosterone cream he was using at the time. So if that's the case, the makers of Sheen's cream should really add "becoming a parody of yourself" and "getting yourself fired from a hit sitcom" to the list of possible side effects.

• HBO's new promotional poster for "Game of Thrones" has people wondering if (spoiler alert!) the character of Catelyn Stark will return from the dead for season six. On a related note, can we all stop saying "spoiler alert" before discussing things that happened on "GoT" three years ago? If you haven't caught up by now, you never will!

• And finally, "Cruel Intentions" actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has announced that she'll be reprising her role in NBC's TV reboot of the film, which, if you remember, was about a teenager trying to seduce her own step-brother. In related news, it seems like NBC is still plowing ahead with a "Cruel Intentions" series despite the numerous adult websites that tackle the exact same subject matter.