'On Your Feet!' co-stars (one married) caught kissing courtside at Knicks game

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"On Your Feet!" stars, Ana Villafañe and Ektor Rivera (who's been married for the last 7 years) seem to have lost themselves in the moment.

The kiss-cam at a New York Knicks preseason game at Madison Square Garden recently caught the two canoodling courtside.

Rivera, who plays Emilio Estefan in the show, has some serious explaining to do to the missus – Telemundo presenter and former Miss World Puerto Rico, Yara Lasanta.

In the photos, Rivera seems unabashed not only about hanging out and watching the game with Villafañe, but also about kissing and caressing her leg.

Fox News Latino reached out to Villafañe's rep for a comment. His response was, "There is nothing more to add to this story. Villafañe and Rivera are nothing more than friends and co-stars."

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That doesn't seem to jibe with the response Rivera's wife's posted on her social media accounts.

"I'm a serious woman, respectful, and I don't approve this type of behavior," Lasanta wrote and posted to both Facebook and Instagram. "As you might understand, this situation is very sad for me. I ask my colleagues very respectfully to give me some space, and when I'm ready, I will be in touch. Thank you."

Rivera and his wife started dating in 2010 and tied the knot in 2013 in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, even surviving several years of living far apart – Yara working in Puerto Rico as a TV host and Ektor in Los Angeles, pursuing his acting career.

Even after Lasanta was able to secure a job in Los Angeles at Telemundo, fate had its way, and Rivera wound up on Broadway; continuing to keep the couple apart.

On Wednesday, Rivera posted a very long and in-depth explanation on his Facebook page that has since been removed.

"The magic of the theaters offers us the good fortune and confident affection, in the form of hugs and kisses, with an extended family that we have all joined," he wrote. "Both inside and outside the scenery. Ana and I are no exception. She is a great friend and and have been able to share a history at more than 100 performances since I have joined the cast."

Rivera went on, "When we go out to public events, people ask us to hug and kiss for publicity's sake, and it isn't hard to do. It's the show we represent and we have the confidence to do it because we know the difference between fiction and reality."

No word whether or not Rivera's wife was satisfied by that explanation.

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