New Tea Party Production Company Filming TV Show Set in Colonial America

Tea Party members James Patrick Riley and Jonathan Wilson have founded Colony Bay Productions to provide heroic and inspirational stories of America’s founders.

“I have been working in Hollywood for awhile, and I’m always amazed that we don’t see more content from a conservative point of view, and that there hasn’t been more done on the American Revolution,” Wilson, who also founded of the Pasadena chapter of the Tea Party, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “It was a hugely dramatic time in our history, and we want to delve into what the average American experienced during this period. Our biggest hope is that audiences will be interested in the people that founded this great country, and how they stood up to the British.”

The production company’s first project, the self-financed television drama “Courage, New Hampshire,” premiered its debut episode in Los Angeles on Sunday night to a sold-out crowd, and is now available for all to purchase on DVD. With no distribution partner currently attached, the creators are seeking support from viewers in order to continue filming episodes.

Set in the winter of 1770, “Courage, New Hampshire” chronicles a town on the western border of New Hampshire. In that era, the inn keeper often served as justice of the peace, and neighborly disputes were moderated at the local public house or tavern. The show tells tales of the landmark events of the time period, from the perspective of country town citizens.

“I think it’s critically important to really know this country, and we want to produce fictional dramatic content from a conservative point-of-view,” said the company’s co-founder and writer/director of “Colony,” James Patrick Riley. “Hollywood tends to operate on propaganda agenda, and portrays conservatives as half-wits.”

But the fact that Riley and Wilson are both Tea Partiers may come as a surprise to a number of their cast and crew, as politics was not discussed on set, nor did it play a part in determining who was hired for the show.

“We hired people from the left, right, and the center,” Wilson continued. “We just wanted capable actors.”

And despite the Hollywood's liberal history, Wilson said there are a surprising number of conservatives in the entertainment industry, they just have to keep quiet in order to get gigs.

“We know of one feature film where the director said that anyone who didn’t vote for Barack Obama needed to get off the set and was basically fired,” Wilson added. “So it really affects the story-telling ability.”