'NCIS' Recap: Has Ellie lost Jake in a terrorist attack?

Ellie Bishop is binge-eating because hubby Jake is off on business for the NSA and she suspects he's in a locale where there have been terrorist attacks. She sets an alert on her phone and obsessively watches for reports.

Then Delilah and McGee bicker over moving in together. She wants him to get rid of more stuff; he says he has. She doesn't like his couch. Gibbs tells him to be more flexible. And he says he's trying.

The team is distracted from their personal problems when they are called on to determine whether the murder of Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam Myers is the work of the Tri-State Sniper. If so, Myers would be the seventh victim.

At the park where he was shot, they meet Lt. Rossmore, who tells them he hadn't heard from Myers for two years until he called him out of the blue to meet that morning.

While searching for the sniper's nest, McGee and Bishop discover poison oak, but McGee is prepared because he has had two previous outbreaks – and he doesn't want to give DiNozzo the chance to make fun of him a third time.

Ducky rules that Myers's death was instantaneous. But he tells Gibbs that Myers had been struck in the face three days earlier. They decide someone had it in for him.

And they would be right. The Tri-State Sniper was caught earlier that morning, so it couldn't have been him. Plus, Abby determines that a different type of gun was used and the signature card found at the crime scene was a copy.

Special Agent Maureen Cabot shows up and briefs Vance and Gibbs on a case that is relevant to their investigation: the death of Ensign Ashley Ryan, who committed suicide 10 days ago. Her family attributes her death to an incident that happened aboard the USS Camden two years earlier. A sailor used a hidden camera to take nude photos of her and another woman and posted them online. She never recovered and the sailor didn't get a just punishment.

In a video conference call, Navy Captain Roland Ebbakey tells the three that he reported the incident to NCIS, but before their investigation, Petty Officer Peter reported Myers, who confessed.

DiNozzo and McGee talk with Woodruff, who was Myers career counselor. Woodruff tells them that the other woman in the case -- Lt. Cara Gifford -- attacked Myers on board and would have killed him if Woodruff hadn't intervened.

Gifford smiles when she hears Myers is dead. She isn't going to lose any sleep. She and Ashley tried to file an injunction to get the pictures taken off the Internet, but that didn't happen.

Delilah, Bishop and Abby working together discover that Myers wasn't tech savvy and didn't visit porn sites. They are pretty sure he isn't the guy who leaked the photos.

Then Bishop gets a terrorist alert about an attack in Dubai and goes to MTAC. Two bombs were detonated in the Monroe Hotel. Jake was in that hotel and she hasn't been able to get a hold of him. Gibbs orders her home, but she refuses.

McGee tries to comfort Bishop. He tells her that he knows what she is going through. He went through it with Delilah when she was at a hotel where a bomb went off. He couldn't find her. He says, "I didn't know if she was alive. Each second feels like an hour. I remember no matter how much I pushed you away, you were all there. That's what family does."

Bishop's dilemma makes McGee and Delilah realize their bickering is silly. She says, "Big or small, we will face it together."

Meanwhile, a witness tells NCIS that two days before Myers was shot, he had an argument with a woman who threw a mean left hook. That woman was Gifford. They pull her in. She admits she was angry that Myers showed up at Ashley's funeral, so she tracked him down and confronted him. She didn't tell them the truth because if the Navy found out, they would give her a dishonorable discharge.

Abby checks Myers's bank account, held jointly with his sister, and discovers that $15,000 had been sent to attorneys two years prior. However, Myers had used a JAG attorney for his case, so the discrepancy goes unexplained.

DiNozzo has poison oak, to McGee's delight. But Ducky says the killer may be infected, too. And Tony remembers shaking Rossmore's hand.

They pick him up. When Rossmore learns that Myers wasn’t killed by the sniper, he tells them how Myers's sister had been arrested for drug possession and he wanted to hire a top-notch attorney. Rossmore says he thinks Myers confessed to get the money to help his sister, but Ashley's death changed things, and he was probably killed because he was going to come clean

Bishop tracks down the original owner of the camera, who tells them he sold it to Petty Officer Peter Woodruff.

Ebbakey meets with Woodruff and tells him he understands why Woodruff did what he did after being turned down for officers' candidate school twice. Ebbakey pretends to admire that Woodruff took action. When Woodruff confesses, Ebbakey pulls out a wire, and Gibbs arrests Woodruff.

Meanwhile, Bishop and Delilah find photos of Jake so she knows he is safe. As she gets in the elevator, Gibbs is there. She stops it and tells him that she almost lost Jake by 7 minutes. Gibbs hugs her and says, "But you didn't lose him. He is coming home. Everything is going to be fine."

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