Mother-daughter trio Lucy Angel plan for album release, TV show premiere

Country music family trio Lucy Angel, consisting of mother Kate and daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton, are making their big introduction onto the scene with a debut self-titled album on the way and a reality series called “Discovering Lucy Angel” on AXS TV.

The 13-episode series follows them in both their work and personal lives. Kate admitted she was nervous when she sat down to watch the first episode of the show.

“I was terrified to watch the first episode. I had no idea how they were going to edit all of the time that they spent… there’s two cameras, 40 hours for 20 minutes,” she said. “So I have no idea what’s going to come across on that.”

But doing the show with her daughters was really what was most important to her, she said.

“It is really a great thing because I’ve done stuff on my own for a long time and when you’re out on the road by yourself it’s like, oh my gosh, I miss my family.”

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The trio is excited to share their new album, which will be released on Jan. 13, the same day that their reality show premieres on AXS TV.

“We have a lot of influences all over the board really from all different genres,” Lindsay told us. “Since there’s three of us you know, we kind of each grew up listening to different kinds of music, and different artists, different generations, so it’s kind of a collective hodgepodge.”

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Similarly, their show was really a family affair.

“The majority of the filming really did involve the entire family, which I think that did make it more comfortable,” Emily said. “When the groups would get narrowed down to a couple of people then you really would feel the pressure.”

Lindsay added that the family didn’t seek out the TV series but they had natural storylines for the cameras.

“There’s sort of enough drama already that naturally happens or occurs in the family because we’re all working together…I think people don’t understand and realize [what] goes into getting a song played on the radio.”

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