Miss Rodeo America Paige Nicholson demonstrates lassoing skills on hapless cameraman

This year’s Miss Rodeo America, Paige Nicholson, visited Fox & Friends and lassoed both a fake steer, and a slow-moving cameraman.

The Mississippi native said being a rodeo queen came easy for her.

“My family owns a farm, so it was really natural for me,” she said.

Nicholson, a graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Information Science, said competing for Miss Rodeo America is a lot like a traditional beauty pageant, with one big difference.

“They judge us on personality, appearance, and our talent is horsemanship,” she said. “They also judge us on our knowledge of pro rodeo history, rules and current events.”

To prove her horsemanship skills, Nicholson gave the Fox & Friends hosts a few lassoing tips, then started roping everything that did or did not move.

Check out her skills in the video above.