Melissa Joan Hart says she would 'love' to have a fourth child

Melissa Joan Hart is having baby fever.

The former child star told Closer Weekly Thursday that despite already having three sons with husband Mark Wilkerson, she would be thrilled to welcome a daughter soon.

“… I always wanted a fourth,” explained the 41-year-old. “My husband kind of convinced me that, we want to travel with the boys and stuff, and if we were to have another one – the older one is getting a lot older and if we had another child, by the time we blink and that one’s able to travel, the older one is out. I think we’re at capacity, as my husband likes to say.”

Still, the actress hasn’t given up on the idea.

“I would love to have a fourth, though,” she said. “I think a girl would throw me off big time – having to do hair, glitter everywhere – I don’t think I could handle it. I’m not great at dressing myself because I always worked on sets where people made my food, dressed me, did my hair and makeup, so I never learned how to do hair. I never really learned how to dress appropriately.

"I feel like those are things that take a lot of time with girls. It’s hard enough for me to get my kids, to brush their teeth to get in the car for school and they’re already 15 minutes late for school every day! I think it would throw the whole dynamic off in the family, though it would soften things up a bit, which would be good – but if I’m going to have a fourth baby, it’s probably not going to be a girl. Let’s be honest, it’s going to be a boy, which is fine, just a lot of energy.”

Hart, who previously starred in “Clarissa Explains It All” And “Sabrina,” recently told Us Weekly she often feels guilty when her career gets in the way of spending time with her children.

“I have mom guilt that I’m here right now and I didn’t put my kids on the school bus,” said Hart.

She added, “You really have this guilt every single day, and it eats away at you that you’re not a good person and you can’t do it right.”