Martha Hunt's Supermarket Skivvies, Ozzy Osbourne's Naughty Nannies, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• From what we can tell from Instagram, Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt posed in pink underwear and tattered demin shorts for a fashion magazine's new supermarket-themed photoshoot (above). Either that, or this is the most convincing ad for Dannon's slimming line of Light & Fit yogurts that we've ever seen.

• Sharon Osbourne revealed on a recent episode of "The Talk" that she twice caught Ozzy in bed with their children's nannies when their kids were little. On a more positive note, it would seem Sharon and Ozzy's marriage has improved in the years since, or, at the very least, that Ozzy has learned how to lock a bedroom door.

• Speaking of Ozzy, fellow rock legend Lita Ford recently recalled which also allowed her to showcase a pretty decent Ozzy impression. Watch the clip below for both, then try practicing your own Ozzy impression in front of the mirror, because seriously, it needs work.

• Despite earlier reports that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were living in separate residences on the same compound, sources for Us Weekly now say they're actually sleeping in adjacent bedrooms in the same house. So with this in mind, Garner's recent remarks about Affleck's awful back tattoo were even more wonderfully cocky than we originally thought.

• Sony Pictures has released the first trailer for their all-female "Ghostbusters" reboot (below), and it looks like it's going to follow the plot of the original pretty closely. The only real difference is that they're operating out of a Chinese restaurant rather than a firehouse, which, thank goodness, means we'll get to buy a new playset.

• According to sources for Us Weekly, Miley Cyrus is so intent on pleasing new fiancé Liam Hemsworth (who was also her old fiancé), that she's been "waiting on him hand and foot." By our math, however, that only leaves Cyrus with two other appendages (and one tongue) to make lewd gestures with, so clearly this can't last.

• In an interview with the BBC, George Clooney hinted that he's getting too old to keep acting. "You try to pick the films that work best for you, and as you age, they become less and less." he remarked. So in other words, Clooney seems to think the only projects that still "work" for him are his increasingly long Nespresso commercials: