Mariah Carey's reality show in trouble after huge fight with James Packer?

Mariah Carey’s rep admits the diva and her fiancé James Packer haven’t seen each other since they had a big blowout in Greece last month. The two are “not sure if they will stay together,” according to the rep, and if they don’t, E! may have a big problem on its hands.

“Mariah’s World” premieres in December and much of the show reportedly focuses on Carey’s relationship. Gossip Cop reports execs are now frantic about the possibly irrelevant relationship plotline in the series.

The site reports that filming for the series took place throughout the past year and the singer’s impending wedding was a big portion of the show, as was her fiancé’s presence during the series, leaving E! execs "panicking."

A trailer for the series was released in May and it included a quick scene about the singer’s engagement ring.

Carey shared a snap with Packer in Greece on Sept. 22. Her rep denied rumors that cheating tore the pair apart.

"The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by Mariah," her rep told ET Online.

Carey’s camp said the couple is "trying to work it out."