Make it stop! Katy Perry has a lip synching mishap at awards show in France

Katy Perry was bubbly and energetic when she hit the stage to perform at the 15th annual NRJ awards in Cannes, France, but her audio track wasn’t able to keep up with pop star’s energy.

In an awkward on-stage moment over the weekend, Perry performed “Roar” clearly singing—or rather lip synching—at a totally different pace than her vocal track, which boomed through a powerful sound system.

And the host for the evening just couldn’t stand to watch it.

About a minute into Perry’s poorly timed show, the NRJ host rushed on to the stage and begged the pop princess to stop her performance and start over—this time singing for real. (Merci beaucoup.)

After politely kissing Perry’s hand, he made his request in front of the live audience: "If you don't mind, we can restart. We had a little problem."

Ever the professional, Perry obliged and started the song over, clearly singing live for her second take of the performance, showing off some impressive vocal chops considering the situation.

Katy Perry's rep could not immediately be reached for comment.