Love 'Duck Dynasty'? Now get a Duck-themed cigar

At the “Duck Dynasty” gift shop, stationed in the Robertson family’s warehouse, fans of the hit A&E series can purchase Duck Commander T-shirts, bobblehead dolls and other themed merchandise.

But if that’s not enough, now “Duck Dynasty” super fans can buy show-themed cigars, complete with packaging featuring Phil Robertson, Willie and the rest of the gang.

The new cigars, announced yesterday, were made by Ted’s Cigars in collaboration with Duck Commander, the company showcased on the A&E show.

“This is an exciting partnership between Ted's Cigars and Duck Commander and an excellent fit given that we are also avid hunters,” said Ted Jackson, president of the Kentucky-based cigar company. “We share many of the same values as the boys at Duck Commander, and know enjoying a fine cigar while outdoors can make anyone ‘happy, happy, happy.’”

And the “Duck Dynasty” cigars are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Since "Duck Dynasty" began airing in March 2012, Robertson said finds at least 70 people waiting in front of the warehouse every morning asking for autographs and photos. Neighbors have complained about the mobs and the police have been called.

To stop the crowds from disrupting business, and to make extra cash, Robertson said he opened the gift shop inside the Duck Commander warehouse. Items for sale in the shop are also available online.

It's a big change for a company that sells duck calls out of a part-brick, part-cinder block warehouse on a dry, dead-end country road. Duck hunters use the whistles, which mimic duck sounds, to attract their prey.

"We're getting more and more used to it as we go around, seeing people crowded up and wanting a picture or an autograph, and we think it's neat," Willie Robertson said. "We were hoping the show would have that kind of impact, and it has."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.