Lindsay Lohan's Dubai Selfie, Kylie Jenner's Lipstick Fiasco, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• Early on Tuesday morning, former "Speed-the-Plow" actress Lindsay Lohan shared a bikini selfie from Dubai on Instagram (above). She didn't reveal any other details of her vacation, but if you look closely at her sunglasses, you can tell she's staring up at the clouds. Also, if you look closely, you can tell she's still not doing anything that can technically be considered "work."

• Speaking of ladies who live jet-setting, glamorous lifestyles, world-famous burlesque bombshell Dita Von Teese recently gave an interview with FNM about her personal methods for feeling sexy all the time. Watch the video below for saucy secrets, then for more shots from her recent lingerie campaigns.

• Just one day after publishing an apparent suicide note online, Irish singer Sinead O'Connor lashed out at her exes and children on Facebook, telling them they're "dead to [her]" and responsible for "killing" her. As for the rest of us, we'll just have to wait until Christmas dinner to hear our own mothers express similar sentiments.

• Kylie Jenner's new makeup line, Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner, sold out within minutes of its release on Monday morning. Nevertheless, Kylie encouraged her Twitter followers to "keep checking" the website for new shipments, presumably before they came to their senses and realized the promo materials were designed by somebody who doesn't even know how lipstick works:

• Fans of CBS's new series "Supergirl" will be thrilled to learn that the network has extended the current season by an additional seven episodes. But those same fans might be less than thrilled once they realize how this might affect the season's plot, which will likely be stretched as thin as Supergirl's bulletproof leotard.

• Late on Monday night, Warner Bros. debuted a new teaser trailer for "Batman v. Superman" in which Superman unmasks Batman after imprisoning the Caped Crusader in some kind of underground lair. (below). And, oddly enough, the Man of Steel looks just as surprised to see Ben Affleck playing Batman as the rest of us were when we first heard about it:

• Katie Holmes recently dispelled rumors of a "Dawson's Creek" reunion in her new interview with Ocean Drive magazine, saying, "I’m not sure a reunion would be as fulfilling as what we all want it to be." However, it should be noted that Holmes was speaking only for herself, and not for cast-mates Joshua Jackson or James Van Der Beek, who could really use the exposure right about now.

• And finally: The other day on Instagram, "Grandfathered" actor John Stamos shared a photo of himself posing with his high school prom date (below), who, despite her smile, must've been monstrously upset with Stamos for showing up at her door with the exact same Farrah Fawcett-inspired hairstyle.