Lesbian Prison Gangs Waiting to Get Hands on Lindsay Lohan, Inmate Says

Inmates of the jail where Lindsay Lohan is set to spend up to 90 days have warned of gangs out to attack the starlet, saying "everyone will want a piece of her," one inmate said in an interview with The Sun.

Lindsay Lohan will leave her Hollywood pad next week and move into new digs at the Lynwood correctional facility in Los Angeles. But instead of wild showbiz parties and a plush double bed to curl up in afterwards, the actress will be locked up for 23 hours a day in a tiny cell with a rock-hard bunk and a single blanket.

Inmates told The Sun of the brutal conditions inside the prison, where Lohan's A-list neighbors reportedly will be replaced with tough guards and fearsome lesbian gangs desperate to get their hands on her.

Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days' jail for breaking her probation for a 2007 drunken-driving offense.

The terrified former child star hired a new lawyer in a last-ditch bid to avoid jail.

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And from her future neighbors' graphic accounts of life inside, it is clear why she is so desperate to wriggle out of her sentence.

Tamara Haley, 38, is doing time for heroin possession and prostitution.

She said Monday: "Everyone will want a piece of her. It will make them famous if they hurt Lindsay Lohan.

"Or if you get her to cry, the whole ward will laugh and people will love it -- even the guards."
Haley also warned bisexual Lindsay of the jail's lesbian gangs -- and offered advice on how to avoid their clutches.

She said: "The gay inmates wear their shirts inside out to let others know they are available.
"So if Lindsay doesn't want someone to grab her ass she'd better keep her shirt on straight.
"Women grab each other like animals when the guards aren't looking. It's disgusting."

Unless her new lawyer wins an eleventh hour reprieve, Lohan must hand herself in to the authorities by midnight on July 20.

Jail overcrowding means she is likely to serve around 23 days, most likely in the segregation unit for her own safety.

Haley added: "She'll be segregated from the general population, but where she's going it is even worse. It's the wing where the murderers are.

"I don't think they will actually be able to get to her, but you never know. At the very least some of those hard cases will try to scare her. They'll scream stuff to her from their cells.

"I've been in segregation and it was rough. The lights are on the whole time. You hear people screaming all night long. The cells are filthy and kept brutally cold. You get one tiny blanket and that's it.

"There's an infection going around now. You can barely sleep at night from all the coughing. And there are girls with body lice."