LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Say His Sons Asked About Their Headline-Making Affair

The start of their relationship made headlines.

Country singing star LeAnn Rimes and actor Eddie Cibrian set rumors swirling about a steamy affair while they were filming the Lifetime movie “Northern Lights” and, more significantly, while both were married to other people.

Rimes, 31, and Cibrian, 41, at first denied any amorous relationship, but then took their PDA public and, ultimately, married.

In an interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez recently, Rimes and Cibrian, whose parents are from Cuba, say they have spoken about their affair with Cibrian's two sons from his first marriage.

"The kids actually came to us," Rimes said of her stepsons, Mason and Jake, "and asked very nonchalantly over dinner."

"Eddie was very honest with them in a way that you can be with a 7-year-old and 11-year-old," Rimes said, according to US Magazine. "He's always the first person to say how much he loves me, and they see that in our house, and they feel that, so I think it’s important not to lie to children. They understand way more."

Rimes’ first husband was Dean Sheremet, and Cibrian’s first wife was longtime girlfriend Brandi Glanville.

Rimes, who has a new VH1 reality show, “LeAnn & Eddie,” about her life with Cibrian, said: "We both never want them to come back and say, 'You weren’t honest with us about this.’ They're very open with us, which is cool."

Rimes and Cibrian have most recently used their VH1 reality show LeAnn & Eddie as a platform to air their daily lives — and complaints. In one preview, Cibrian took a jab at Glanville saying: "Contrary to what some people think [coughs] my ex-wife, I actually do work."

Rimes was quoted in a USA Today story as saying that she is not just playing for the cameras when in “LeAnn & Eddie.”

"I am actually a real housewife. I'm a housewife," Rimes said. "When I'm home, I cook. I do housewife-y things. I love to go on RealSimple.com and pick up a recipe and hang out in the grocery store for hours. I go home and have a glass of wine and cook."

Rimes said the reason she opened up her life to the world was because she wanted to be home more.

"We wanted to be home with the kids.That's one of the reasons we explored this whole world," she said. "This is us taking our lives back, in a way."

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