Kirk Cameron reprises 'Growing Pains' role...for 60 seconds

Calling all "Growing Pains" fans! Kirk Cameron reprised his role of Mike Seaver on the hit 1980s-era family sitcom for 60 seconds.

"It's been a while, but I'm amazed at how many people still remember 'Growing Pains,'" he told Hallmark's "Home & Family" of how he deals with fans infected by "Seaver Fever."

Cameron explained that when he encounters "crazy fans" who have an especially bad case he tells them, "If you have a bad case of Seaver fever that's causing you to not hear anything that I'm saying right now, we need to deal with it."

How? By "giving them six years of Mike Seaver in 60 seconds."

The 44-year-old whipped out a curly haired-wig and cued the "Growing Pains" theme song. He then proceeded to go down memory lane by reenacting a few of Mike Seaver's most famous moments.

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