Candace Cameron Bure on how faith helped her navigate child stardom

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Assault arrests, drug use and multiple stints in rehab are just a few all too common side effects of achieving fame and success at such a young age.

Candace Cameron Bure was 11 years old when she starred on the ABC sitcom "Full House." Unlike many of her peers, the young actress transitioned into more adult roles while still holding onto her morals and faith.

"I love acting and I've learned to navigate continuing to be a working actress and hold my faith and values," Bure told FOX411.

From a young age, Bure had the support of her family including brother and fellow actor Kirk Cameron of "Growing Pains." She credits her family with helping her stay on the right track.

"Because how close my family is to me, and the big influence that my mom and dad had on me as a child and then into adulthood, I just never desired to be seen differently," said Bure. "Even if that was at the risk of my career."

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Bure admits that there was a lot of pressure within the entertainment world to break out of her youthful image quickly by taking on provocative roles, but the now 37-year-old was not swayed by the industry to become more suggestive.

"[There was] pressure from the industry because there's a lot of guidance told by agents and managers and in casting that we need to see you differently," Bure said. "I just heard that advice but chose not to take it."

With her faith as a guiding factor in both her personal life and in her career, Bure carefully chose what roles to take on once "Full House" ended when she was 18.

"My values always played a big part in the roles that I chose," Bure explained. "At 18 or 19, I understood that I could be seen as an adult very quickly if I chose more risqué roles, but it wasn't a desire of mine to create a new image for myself. I was very happy and content with the pace that I was at."

Now a mother of three, Bure has more than just her own image to manage; the actress' 15-year-old daughter is considering pursuing a career in acting or music.

"I have children of my own now. I have a family to protect and children to look out for, so I have very strong boundaries and I work within those," said Bure. "It’s very easy to say I wont do anything with nudity but there are certain parts that I would love to dive into as an actress that are very different than me, and I can do those with out breaking my personal boundaries."

So how does Bure feel about her teenage daughter following in her footsteps?

"My daughter loves performing and really loves singing but I'm for anything my children would like to do as long as they work hard to achieve their goals."

There are challenges to one's faith that come with every profession and Bure hopes that like her parents, she was able to instill her values in her children.

"As a parent I'm always going to look out for my children and guide them and protect them in any career path," she told FOX411. "But if you're trying to live out your faith, it will be difficult in whatever job that you have."

Bure's not alone in preparing her children for the future. The actress has been married for almost 20 years retired professional ice hockey player Valeri Bure. So what's their secret?

"We really base our marriage on the foundation of the Bible and living our marriage the way we believe honors God."

That's not to say their marriage is not without its ups and downs.

"We've had our share of struggles and we’ll continue to have them," she said. She writes about how she's able to balance her career, faith and family life in her new book "Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose."

"It's about being committed and valuing and respecting the person that you’re married to."

What advice does the former child actress have for up and coming actors?

"I think what's most important is that you have your moral compass you’re boundaries your faith in place," she said. "You really have to know who you are before you step out into the world because if you don’t the entertainment industry or the world will try and define you and tell you who you are if you don’t know beforehand."

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