Kim Zolciak has almost 'fully recovered' from 2015 stroke

Kim Zolciak is still on the mend following her Sept. 2015 stroke.

The former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star opened up on Instagram about how she has been doing since she was rushed to the hospital nearly two years ago when her daughter noticed "something wasn't 'right.'"


She explained, "I have almost fully recovered (sometimes my tongue slips when I speak, and sometimes I have the word on the tip of my tongue but it just doesnt come out) but I feel great!!," she wrote on Instagram.

Along with her health update, she shared a guide for how to recognize a stroke.

"I had my stroke at 37!! It can happen to anyone at any age!! When in doubt please always check it out!!" she wrote.

Zolciak had a TIA (transient ischemic attacke), which is also called a mini-stroke, while she was competing on "Dancing with the Stars."


Fans thanked the mother of six for her candidness about her health.

One user wrote, “my husband had his at 28... while I was caring for 7 kids at the time.. your right timing is everything. I'm glad the medical team took it serious for his age. They first thought vertigo but than rules it out.”

Another said, “Thank you for sharing about recognizing a stroke Kim! I had a TIA last month and thankfully I called 911 immediately and doing quite well."