Kerry Washington insists 'less than a quarter of the country voted for our next President'

Kerry Washington's "Scandal" character Olivia Pope doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing her political views and neither does the actress in real life, apparently.

“I think we have to be careful by saying that the results of this election represent a majority of the sentiment of this country because half of the country didn’t vote and… the popular vote went to Hillary [Clinton],” she told the crowd at Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour Tuesday. “So we are talking about less than a quarter of the country voted for our next President. I also think it’s important to say that inclusivity is not about just people of color and women. Inclusivity is about everybody having a seat at the table.”

Washington told FOX411 now more than ever people need to participate in politics as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office.

“I think what I’m hopeful about is that it seems like this is an opportunity for more people to become aware and galvanized,” she explained. “It’s just a really important time for people to participate in our democracy and that’s the design of democracy. Democracy only works when everyone shows up…and in the last election over half of the people did not show up and I just hope more and more of us are inspired to participate.”

The “Scandal” star said she has made it a point to involve herself in politics.

“I was in the Obama Administration and am very proud to have served in the administration but that came out of a lifetime of political work and political advocacy,” she told reporters. “I will continue to do that whether it be calling my representatives to say I don't think Jeff Sessions is an appropriate Attorney General to volunteering with a local community center. We have to participate across the board so I will continue to show up and do my part.”

The 39-year-old actress also applauded Meryl Streep for her anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes.

“It was very special; I felt like it was such a brave beautiful speech because it was so graceful. There wasn't any name calling but there was a lot of truth telling and I thought it was a beautiful and important speech.”

“Scandal” returns January 26th on ABC.